Focus Points of Borretty Consulting

Leadership in the "New Normal", post Covid-19

COVID-19 (extremely VUCA!) had enforced rapid change!  In the meantime what’s urgent has been done. Irritations, then new impulse threatens to be followed by habituation. Borretty Consulting: “The New Normal will not be the old one !”

Virtual leadership trainings are feasible - successfully!

The Leading to be expected in the New Normal can be practically accurately anticipated. We simulate confidential talks as well as team meetings with communiacation tools – up to business simulations!

Company specifically designed trainings - outdated?

Company specifically designedTrainings are increasingly suffering from cost pressure (rooms, travel, trainer…) and a need for justification. Their added value, compared to standardized offerings, is in doubt. Stop!

Coaching as Leadership instrument

“That guy needs some coaching!”, because: “Where Training and Job Rotation do not help, let’s just try coaching.” – You can’t be more wrong! It’s about personal further development of Leaders and specialists.

Agile Methods in Practice and Application

Agile methods (see our Glossary) require real responsibility for functionality, timelines, quality, and cost. This is obviously so much more than being responsible for just the execution of a task!

Change Managment: a process to be planned?

“change is the only constant.” Fine – but why is Change Management going wrong so often? Or does not even commence? Or is dripping off before any measurable result?

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Our Philosophy

Borretty Consulting – this is Dr. Reiner Borretty as Moderator, Trainer, personal coach. But it’s also a network of of professional freelance trainers and HR managers, who act as part-time consultants. We long for training and consultancy efforts, like team development and process optimizations that actually and verifiably have a lasting effect.


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