Continuous Improvement: Bottom Line and Outlook

CIP is “an old hat since quite some time”. Yet, a sceptical view on practice reveals that concepts are well understood and partially implemented, but the real harvesting has not been done.

Leadership Competencies in VUCA Circumstances

Requirements to leaders and postulated leadership competencies are changing radically and rapidly in a VUCA business environment. Yet – are all of these new and surprising?

Coaching in Leadership Functions

“This guy definitely needs some coaching!”, because: “Where Training and Job Rotation do not help, let’s just try coaching.” – You couldn’t be more wrong!

Creating Reports and Presentations

Managers, specialists and consultants regularly report and present to decision makers, but often waste time and bore them. Barbara Minto has created a radically different presentation concept!

Agile Methods in Practical Application

Agile Methods in Practical Aopplication

Agile methods require real responsibility for functionality, deadlines, quality and cost. This is clearly different than being responsible for completing a task

Change Management: a Process to Plan?

“Change is the only constant.” Fine – then why is practical Change Management going wrong so often? Or doesn’t even take off? Or simply drip off?

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